Welcome to our hand picked group of teachers. As a team we provide each teacher support.In the event your regular teacher is booked your welcome to book a topic class with one of our other native teachers. This also improves the students listening ability. The teacher is prepared with a specialist list of topics you can choose from and will also test you on last classes vocabulary and phrases.Please be ready.We hope you enjoy your class at www.vivalanda.com


Dan - British tutor. Major in English language and literature. Over ten years experience in International and European schools. Very British accent focuses on conversation classes. Patient and enthusiastic.


Mike - American tutor. Major in English language and literature. North American accent, Taught at various American schools as a supply teacher and support worker. Fun American conversation, culture and classes.


Jim - Australian tutor. Major in English language and literature. Australian English accent. Taught at state schools on the East coast of Australia. Interesting Australian storys and culture.


Leire - Spanish tutor. Major in Spanish. Taught many foreigners Spanish. Relaxed classes focusing on real spanish conversation.

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