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British TUTOR

Major in English language and literature. Over 10 years experience in International and European schools.Very British accent focuses on conversation classes.Patient and enthusiastic.Dan

教学科目:英语(语音语调,雅思成绩,英国文化)/科学/航海 Основные предметы : английский язык и литература. Более 10 лет опыта работы в международных и европейских школах. Оригинальный британский акцент , фокусируется на разговорных классах. Терпеливый ,коммуникабельный ,добрoжелательный и пунктуальный. Преподаю по собственной методике.

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Italian tutor

Italian teacher.
Fast track Italian results.母语及本科专业为意大利语,拥有语言教学资格及五年教学经验。课堂氛围轻松愉悦,擅长引导学生,和学生交流自然生动。.

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English/Spanish tutor (Native Spanish)

Popular childrens teacher. BA in Early child education.Can help students learning English. 母语西班牙语,学前教育专业,主攻儿童早期西班牙语教学,擅长激发幼儿的语言学习兴趣。 Leire, 母语西班牙语,擅长青少年及成人西班牙语教学。经验丰富,教授过不同国家、不同层次的学生。主要教学形式为口语对话。

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spanish tutor

Major in Spanish. Taught many foreigners Spanish. Relaxed classes focusing on real spanish conversation. 母语西班牙语,擅长青少年及成人西班牙语教学。经验丰富,教授过不同国家、不同层次的学生。主要教学形式为口语对话。

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Native Russian / English junior tutor

Native Russian.Great chatty language tutor. Studied at Vivalanda for three years. Sounds native English.Ideal for Russian students learning English.(£5ph)

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Spanish teacher/Fluent English.Degree modern languages.

For students learning Spanish who would like a serious teacher that gets results.(£10 ph)

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German teacher

Major in German language for beginners and elementary.
Over 10 years experience in online teaching.
Giving insight into German grammar. Professional and enthusiastic.FULLY BOOKED.(Available from 5th August.)(£19ph)

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Maths teacher

GCSE Maths teacher. Get top scores.(£25ph)

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Singing and guitar lessons

Do you want to learn guitar?I teach classical,acoustic or electric guitar at all levels. I can help you achieve Trinity College,ABRSM and Rockschool exams up to Grade 8. (£35 ph)

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Italian cookery

Learn Italian whilst learning to cook.Fun learn by doing classes.(£19ph)

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Turkish teacher

Hello! My name is Rosheen and I’m an Online Turkish teacher living in America.

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DJ Klue

Fun course based on cultural use of language in America.(£30ph)

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